Manitoulin Adventures: I Was Mistaken For a Rich, Red, Ripe Tomato by Bonnie Kogos

Manitoulin Adventures: Bonnie Kogos

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A light-hearted and loving journey of discovery on the Island of Manitoulin, this book is for anyone who thinks there are no treasures left to unearth in Canada. It's the story of a New York City woman who comes of age on this Island, growing and sharing in a warm and witty way the insights, changes, and impacts that this adventure has had on her.

If you live on Manitoulin, have visited it, or even if you have never even heard of the largest freshwater island in the world, you'll love these assorted quirky adventures seen from the discerning eye of a New Yorker who stumbles across one of the finest jewels in the Great Lakes. You'll learn delightful secrets and smile warmly over Bonnie’s observations.

Imagine being mistaken for a rich, red, ripe tomato! Bonnie Kogos has a passion for Manitoulin Island. As the author of the The Sudbury Star's "Window Seat" columns for the past ten years, she presents some of her favourite stories here, for you. If you’ve never been to Manitoulin, this will make you want to go-- or perhaps even stay!

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Manitoulin Adventures: Bonnie Kogos

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