Manitoulin Adventures: I Was Mistaken For a Rich, Red, Ripe Tomato by Bonnie Kogos

Manitoulin Adventures Praise from Readers

“I very much enjoy your articles in the Sudbury Star about Manitoulin Island. Your articles capture the beauty of both the Island and its residents. Your Window Seat columns are greatly worthwhile. Keep up the good work!”

- Brent St. Denis, Canadian Member of Parliament

“Manitoulin Adventures is, above all, a love story. Bonnie Kogos is in love… with Manitoulin, Canada… and with Canadians. In more ways than one, this writer’s travelogue of the heart is a captivating read. I thank this New Yorker for sharing some of the secrets of Manitoulin with so many others.”

- Mike Brown, Member of the Ontario Legislature

“This is the gal who first drove into a ditch on Manitoulin, and then into our hearts.”

- Koki and Dick Maloney, Readers of "Window Seat"

“When I first looked at her, never thought she’d survive here. Not after she was fishing and fell off the dock.”

-Curmudgeon Everett Knot Mudge,
Geologist and scion of the famous Mudge Family on the North Channel


Manitoulin Adventures Summer Where in the World is Manitoulin Island?

This book celebrates both the people who live in Northern Ontario and those who love visiting. If you've never been to the island in the middle of Lake Huron, you'll enjoy the laughter and delight of a city-based travel writer who finds herself living on a 100-year-old farm in the tiny seaside hamlet of Kagawong. Available from Chapters in Canada and


Manitoulin Adventures

Kagawong, Ontario, Canada POP 1JO
ISBN: 0-9689011-0-7
CAN. $22.00 / U.S. $16. 95




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